Surviving High School : A Novel by Lele Pons & Melissa de la Cruz

Title : Surviving High School : A Novel

Authors : Lele Pons, Melssa de la Cruz

Summary :

Lele Pons is a Vine superstar. She teams up with Melissa de la Cruz in this novel about her life in highschool while building her following on Vine with funny short videos.

It starts with moving to somewhere new where things are very different. Lele deals with bullying in her new environment but makes surprising friends in the process. She tries her best to face problems, challenges, and cliques while also trying to cope with internet fame and normal student stuffs like grades.

Review :

It has the mean girl vibe mixed with the I-want-to-get-famous or fit-in-this-new-life vibe. It is downright entertaining, somewhat hilarious, a little self-obsessed and at some parts, unbelievable. I say unbelievable because my high school life was not really like her life.

The things I don’t like about this book is the fact that there isn’t an exact story line. Things just happen and goes on. What is the whole point of this book?  It’s just about getting to know Lele’s life. But still, it is entertaining.

Ratings : 3/5 Night Owlets



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