A Week Of Mondays by Jessica Brody

Title : A Week Of Mondays

Author : Jessica Brody

Price : US $9.99 (Price may vary according to size or cover type or store)

Summary : 

Imagine reliving Mondays for a week. That probably sucks because the majority of us hates Mondays. Mondays are the worst.

But for Ellie, reliving Mondays might change some things she never dreams of letting go, like her boyfriend Tristan. So at the beginning, it seems like a dream come true to get some things right but when she gets things right the way she wants, Monday still comes. What will she do to really understand what she truly wants in life?

Are the things she thinks she wants truly right for her?

Review : 

This story has an exciting plot. It will keep you hooked onto the book until you are done with it.


It is so exciting and fun to see what Ellie does to get her boyfriend back and have a great Monday. It is like trial and error. But then, it is also fun to see her realize the changes and impacts that could happen to someone else’s life if she interferes in it.

But I guess it is somewhat cliche because from the beginning, I had a hunch that Owen likes her and my hunch was not wrong at all. You could already tell what will happen in the end.

But I have to say, the last Monday was the best because instead of Tristan breaking up with her, she breaks up with him instead, realizing what she really wants. You go girl!

Ratings : 4.5 out of 5 Night Owlets


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