The Gilded Cage by Lucinda Gray

Title : The Gilded Cage

Author : Lucinda Gray

Price : US $17.99 Hardcover  (Price may vary according to size or cover type or store)

Summary : 

Katherine Randolph and her brother grew up on a farm in Virginia until their life takes and sharp turn.

Walthingham Hall in England becomes their new life, which is very much different from their previous lifestyles. This new life is all about doing things like the upper-class. Even when her brother mysteriously drowns, Katherine is expected to follow the mourning customs of the upper class and move on with her life. Unfortunately, she does not believe that her brother’s death was an accident.

With the weird rumour going around about the beast of Walthingham, Katherine tries to investigate her brother’s death.

Review : 

It is an okay read.

What I mean by okay is that it does have a story line that needs more action and chaos in it. Well, it is definitely not a super adventurous book but I believe a little more fireworks can uplift the story even more.

Honestly, the little parts on romance is so dry. I still can’t believe she fell in love with him so quickly, although I do ship them. That guy is literally the only character that is sensible and not selfish.

I like how the author makes being rich so much more difficult and exhausting, especially pretending to move on when you are not ready to move on.  What I don’t like is Katherine falling a little for John. It is not because of the social barriers but because of the fact that how did Katherine really know that she love William Simpson in the end (almost immediately) when she found her feelings with John before finding out what he did?

Ratings : 3 night owlets


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