The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

Title : The Crown’s Game

Author : Evelyn Skye

Price : US $11.06 (Price may vary according to size or cover type or store)

Summary :

Vika’s mentor thought there was only one enchanter left, which is Vika herself. Little did he know that his sister has been training another enchanter.

Since there are two enchanters, the Crown’s Game is initiated by the Tsar to find out which enchanter is more powerful. It consists of dueling in magical skills. The Tsar only needs one by his side so the defeated is sentenced to death.

Vika, raised on Ovchinin Island all her life is eager to win it for her guardian. But she finds herself unable to kill another enchanter, even though she knows she is capable of doing it. And strangely, his magic has some sort of effect on her, like it’s calling for her.Nikolai on the other hand was taken in as an orphan. He was trained for the Crown’s game but he can’t help falling in love with the opponent.

Nikolai’s best friend and heir to the throne also falls for the enchantress. When Pasha rose to the throne due to his father’s death, he made a decision to end the game with the advice from his sister Yuliana. Who will win the game?

Review :

I know that I almost gave up reading the book in the beginning but I persevere. Like the author wanted, it was a bittersweet story filled with love triangles. I did compare this book to Hunger Games before I read it. I thought it would be quite violent or so even more violent. Turns out, it wasn’t that bad.

I really like the plot but I felt as if Vika and Nikolai fell in love too quickly. Nevertheless, I ship Nikolai and Vika. They are so cute together.

At the same time, the Crown’s game ended quite abruptly but I can’t wait for the next book that is coming out next year. Why do I get the feeling that Nikolai will be resurrected?

Ratings : 3.8/5 night owlets



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