IQ84 by Mike Dickenson

Title : IQ84

Author : Mike Dickenson

Expected publication : 7th March 2017

Summary :

(Provided by the author)

A virus has struck America and anyone with an IQ over 84 is in danger. People’s heads are exploding. The country is on lockdown. Everything is about to change.

Luckily, the President of the United States is very much still alive (and most of Congress, too). They’ve decided to fix things.

Which brings us to David Dingle. He’s the not-too-bright guy whom this whole story revolves around. A lot of people revolve around David Dingle. Some of them include a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, an ineffective jihadist, a creationist and his very extended family, a pill-popping doctor, a drop-dead sexy clepto-nympho-suicidal-maniac, and a rogue Illuminati mastermind to name just a few. All of them are eager to figure out why their heads aren’t blowing up.

Now David Dingle doesn’t know much about these people, but frankly, he doesn’t know much about much. He’s just a simple American with a government job and a fantastic phone who one day finds himself at the epicenter of the biggest biological terrorist attack perpetrated on American soil. And now everyone’s after him. Not cool. All the while, the President of the United States has to keep voters’ heads from blowing up before re-elections – things couldn’t get worse.

A timely satire that dives into the darkest corners of American Culture, IQ84 examines some of the most controversial issues in America today. It’s a book about freedom.

Review :

First reading got me thinking of good old American patriotism and humor. I haven’t read such a book in forever but I believe those who love politics would find this rather suitable. (I suggest you do have some knowledge of politics.)

Things to be look forward to upon reading this book includes the diversity of characters from different classes and background. And of course, corruption stemming from society. Something many of us can relate to and understand.

From my point of view, the author manages to keep the humor throughout the book. Those who are able to grasp and get the humor will find the read entertaining while others who do not understand may not enjoy the book  so much. Other than that, I do believe the controversial issues in America are quite well incorporated and discussed too.

Ratings : 3.8/5 Night Owlets


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